Work Remotely From Home with the Horizon Client

Did you know that you can connect remotely to an Air Force Desktop Environment from home? Using the VMware Horizon Client, your Common Access Card (CAC) and just a few minutes of your time, get connected to an FOUO/UNCLASSIFIED remote instance so you can check email, visit AFPC Secure websites, and use a licensed copy of Microsoft Office from home. This program works for both macOS and Windows.

  1. Purchase a CAC reader compatible with your device/operating system. I personally recommend Identiv USB Smart Card Reader (which comes in both USB-A/normal and USB-C/new configurations).
  2. Visit in your browser.
  3. Either download the Horizon Client software (recommended) or use the HTML in-browser option.
  4. If you choose to download the Horizon Client software to your computer, then when choosing to connect to a remote server, enter into the server address bar when you do.

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