Work Remotely From Home with the Horizon Client

Did you know that you can connect remotely to an Air Force Desktop Environment from home? Using the VMware Horizon Client, your Common Access Card (CAC) and just a few minutes of your time, get connected to an FOUO/UNCLASSIFIED remote instance so you can check email, visit AFPC Secure websites, and use a licensed copyContinue reading “Work Remotely From Home with the Horizon Client”

The Importance of Digital Literacy

Digital literacy includes using technology to identify, critically evaluate, and synthesize data and information, create and manage digital content, and appropriately interact in a virtual environment. As a new Air Force officer building digital literacy unlocks a lot of doors. Digital literacy can help you process email quickly, manage your time better, and even buildContinue reading “The Importance of Digital Literacy”

Modern Air Force PowerPoint Template

Time for an upgrade Incorporating visual elements from the traditional Air Force briefing template, our modern template below allows more breathing space and removes unneeded visual elements (goodbye big blue swoosh!). We’ve also incorporated Microsoft’s new de facto font Calibri, in an attempt to increase readability and improve the cohesive design with other updated visual elements. ThisContinue reading “Modern Air Force PowerPoint Template”

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